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Founded in 1992 in Germany, MorphoSys is dedicated to making innovative bipharmaceuticals to help patients suffering from serious diseases. Based on its leading expertise in antibody, protein and peptide technologies, MorphoSys has developed and contributed to the development of more than 100 product candidates, 27 of which are currently in clinical development.
MorphoSys is headquartered in Planegg, Germany. In 2019, the US head office was established in Boston.

US Website: www.morphosys-us.com

MorphoSys US Inc.
470 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 1401, Boston, MA 02210, USA
E-mail: info.us@morphosys.com (US-specific requests)



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Company Address:

MorphoSys US Inc.
470 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 1401
Boston, MA 02210
Company Phone Number: (844) 667-1992
E-mail: info.us@morphosys.com